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Introducing ToMcat: A videotaped, open-access violation-of-expectation study for measuring early false-belief understanding in infants and toddlers


Investigators have long sought to determine at what age children first show false-belief understanding (FBU), which is widely perceived to be an important facet of representational ToM. Initial studies using explicit tasks suggested that children are not capable of FBU until about 4 years of age (Baron-Cohen et al., 1985; Gopnik & Astington, 1988; Perner et al., 1987; Wimmer & Perner, 1983). Subsequent investigations using implicit tasks suggested that some capacity for FBU is already present in infancy (for a review, Scott & Baillargeon, 2017).


Psych 318 Infancy

Undergraduate course, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2019

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